Tuesday, June 5, 2012

IronTeam Bootcamp - Part Two - Day 1

A fitness boot camp can be defined as a type of outdoor group exercise class that mixes traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. While there are a variety of styles of fitness boot camps, most are designed in a way that pushes the participants harder than they'd push themselves and, in that way, resemble a military boot camp.

IronTeam boot camp typically runs from 8am until 3pm with continuous workouts.  There is little time to transition into bike/run clothing or bike/run shoes or strip from your wet suit or bathing suit.  You eat and drink on the fly or as you are ride.  This weekend was our 2nd boot camp with the North Bay IronTeam.

Saturday's Agenda - San Francisco Location
  • 45 Minute Open water swim at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco.  
  •  60 minutes of spinning (Speed Intervals)
  • 37 minute Run (3.31 miles)to the Lyon Street Stairs
  • 45 Minutes of Climbing, Core and Strength
  • 15 Minute run (1.39 miles) back to the Sports Basement HQ
  • 60 Minutes of spinning (Hills)
  • 26 Minute run (2.51 miles) from SB to the Golden Gate and back

It wasn't as cold as I had anticipated.  And to my surprise I swam 1.15 miles in 47 minutes and burned 523 calories.  Fuel before my swim was a bottle of water, chocolate outrage GU, a nutrition bar and banana - 435 calories consumed.

After our swim we quickly stripped out of our wetsuits, jumped into our cars and it was off to Sports Basement at the Presidio.  We quickly unpacked all our gear (Ice chests, trainers, bikes, Tri Bags) set our trainers up and it was time for our next workout.  

We had the most amazing view as we sat in the sun on our bikes with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate - PRICELESS! We listened to some great music as Coach Mike dictated to us our workout. Even though we were sweating pretty good and breathless most of the time, it was tolerable.  All in all, I sat on the bike keeping my legs spinning for an hour burning 518 calories.  While spinning I ate, 1/2 PB&J, a Clif electrolyte drink, Wheat Thins and a bottle of water - 625 calories consumed.

After our hour of spin it was time to transition to our run gear and head over to the infamous Lion Street Stairs!  I had only seen a video of it and have done Communication Hill Stairs in San Jose.  One of our coaches compared it to that, but he said add an additional 30 steps.  **GULP** Pre-Run Fuel:  chocolate outrage GU -100 Calories and a water bottle in hand.

As we ran to our destination, Coach Jerald kept saying, save yourself for the stairs.  Little did we know that the run to get there was going to turn out to be a 3.31 mile run taking me 37 minutes and burning 392 calories.  Most of the run was up up uphill! You got to love San Francisco, right?
When we finally did arrive I think the sight was a bit more than I had expected.  

This was just the first set of starirs.  Our task was to just get to the top.  Once there a coach would give us a task to do.  So up I went. - walking! And at the mid - point it was difficult to see what would lie ahead.  This was the view at the halfway point.  We had to cross over the street and then keep climbing!


We really couldn't see what was beyond the wall, but once we got up the first set, it was a long ways up!! 

When we did get to the top, they weren't kidding about a "task", 25 Push Ups!  With my heart rate already at 171bpm, I dropped and gave 25.  Once completed it was back down the steps and the coach at the bottom  gave us 50 crunches to do.  She then sent us back up again, skipping every other step and when we reached the top, YUP, another 25 pushups.  Back down for another 50 crunches, and then back up the steps as fast as we could.  Once there, it was 25 dips and back down for a minute of planks.  Our last step up was to skip every other step as fast as we could.  I tried to run the entire way but could not.  I stopped at the mid way point, bent over with my legs shaking uncontrollably.  I told myself, I'm halfway there, I can do it and off I went.  When I finally reached the top we had to do 45 seconds of scissor kicks and I was DONE!!!  Back down the steps I went. Once we reached the bottom we were instructed to run back to Sports Basement (a much shorter route) and get ready to transition into another spin session. I burned 314 calories in 40 minutes of stair work and fueled myself with water and a half an orange - 30 calories consumed.

I began my run back to Sports Basement with the new guy Mike, who recently joined the South Bay IronTeam from the LA Chapter.  The run back only took us a short 15 minutes for a total of 1.39 miles which burned an additional 142 calories.  The best part of the run was having the opportunity to run through the Palace of Fine Arts!  What an amazing piece of work!

Once back at Sports Basement, it was 60 more minutes of spinning. 

I burned another 376 calories and gobbled up a Turkey/Salami/Cheese Sandwich, Vitamin Water, Pringles, and Pears whild sitting on the bike.  780 calories consumed. 

After that final spin session, we were on our last leg, literally. It was off for a 2.5 mile run toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  It took me 26 minutes and burning 234 calories.  I fueled on water and my last chocolate outrage GU - 100 calories consumed.

Once I returned back, it was time to pack up. I said my goodbyes to my team mates but also said, "See you tomorrow!"  It had been a long day, with my Garmin reading 2,499 calories burned, and consuming about 2,070.  The life of an Ironman In Training!  Time to go Eat! 

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