Tuesday, June 5, 2012

IronTeam Boot Camp - Part 2 - Day 2

As the alarm went off, all I could think of was how tired I was and how good it would feel to just stay in bed, but then I think about my team and as hard as it may be to roll out of bed, it suddenly becomes easier.   Quickly packing up all my goodies, swim things, food for the day, beverages and extra clothes, I loaded into the car along with my bike and off I went.  

I knew today was going to be much warmer than yesterday so I prepared by adding more ice to my cooler and packing additional beverages.  The agenda didn't seem as extensive as yesterdays, but I knew it wouldn't be any easier.

Sunday's Agenda - San Jose Location - Gunderson High School
  • 60 Minute Swim & Video 
  •  32 Mile Bike Ride
  • 60 Minute Transition Run with CORE every 10 minutes
  • 30 Minute Spin
  • Pool Time 
I arrived at Gunderson with about 5 minutes to spare because for as quickly as I got ready and left, I moved like I was in slow motion.  As I straggling in everyone looked exhausted but happy to be there.  Feeling rushed, I didn't set up any of my equipment, just got my swim cap on, goggles, stripped off my clothes and jumped in the pool.  I swam a total of 500 yards which consisted of warm ups, a couple 300's, 5x100 and 4x50's.  In between our sets we had the opportunity to be videoed.  This would be the second time this year and I"m excited to see if there is any improvement.  Prior to my swim I had a nutrition bar, water and banana for a total of 345 calories consumed and burned approximately 615 calories on my swim.

After our swim, it was time to transistion to our Bike segment.

Dennis and Me before the ride!
We had learned the day prior that we would be biking Metcalf Road.  I had done the front side, but not the harder side,  which is the back.  It was most definielty the HARDEST hill I've ever ridden. I've done some extensive climbs, but not as steep as this one.  

1.8 Miles of climbing with little to no plateau's.  Not only was the road narrow but busy with trucks hauling road bikes.  At the top was a motor cross bike park.  We were passed by several trucks and it's great to have team mates yelling "car back" so we know to scoot over toward the right.  There was either a railing or a huge drop on the side.  Team mate Danielle was in front of me and I kept my focus on her the entire climb.  She kept peddling, and so did I.  She didn't stop and neither did I.  I knew if I had, the effort to start again would be ridiculous.

When I finally turned the last corner, and felt the road begin to level out, I knew that  I made it!  The moment I saw Dennis with his camera, I felt accomplished and relieved!!! 

A quick refill of my water, a few victory pics and it was homeward bound! The rest of the ride was nothing compared to what we just did.  We hit a few climbs on San Felipe and Silver Creek Valley Road but there was no comparison to Metcalf.  I thought Nasty Grade was hard (Wildflower course), Metcalf was a BEAST!!  

On my way back, I stopped once to help out Harold with a leg cramp by sharing some Endurolyte capsules with him.  The downhill grade on San Felipe was awesome as well as the one on Silver Creek.  In all my total ride was 3:30 minutes, burning 1130 calories.  On the ride I ate a PB&J sandwich, Watermelon Chomps, 2 water bottles and 1 Clif Electrolyte drink - 735 calories consumed.   I didn't have any dehydration to this point in the day,  which felt great.  

Once I arrived back at Gunderson, it was off the bike and on a transition run for 40 minutes with sit ups every ten minutes.  It was a hot run on the Almaden Lake trail and tried to find shade when it was time for my core exercises at 10 minutes.  Total of 100 sit ups all together (25 each set.)  My run total in those 40 minutes was 2.5 miles. I consumed 1 chocolate outrage Gu for 100 calories and 1 bottle of water and burned a total of 315 caloires.

As I arrived back to Gunderson, I had time to take a quick jump in the pool, which several of my team mates had already done or were doing.  And as you can see, it's not always work - we do have fun, fun, fun.  I mean today was Sunday Funday! 

BUT - our workout was not complete.  Once everyone returned from their run, it was time for our  a 30 minute spin session.  Unfortunately, I only got through 10 minutes of it.  During our one legged drill my right shoe wouldn't unclip.  Technical difficulties and it was Coach Ron to the rescue, so my calorie count on this session was only 57.  As my team  sat in the sun spinning and sweating, I passed out water and oranges.  I also did 11 push ups I earned during a drill earlier in the morning at swim.  Once the team completed the spin session it was time for everyone in the pool for some fun pool relays.  

 After 4 different relays, it was time to pack up and wrap it up.  We all lugged our gear to our cars, hot and tired and then met up in the parking lot.  And sometimes this is my favorite part of the day, because it means I can have real food!   But until that point I munched on pringles, 1/2 of a PB&J and a chocolate milk.  In all the GARMIN reports a total of 2,117 calories burned and I consumed about 1,675 calories.  It was an amazing weekend ♥ Next up......WILDFLOWER!!!

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