Thursday, March 15, 2012

A "Ray" of Hope ~

Just this morning a friend of mine shared a story about a family member who went in for surgery to have fibroid tumors removed from her uterus.  She had learned last night that there was cancer present in the tumors.  Although, the doctors don’t think it spread in her body, to take precautionary measures, they will perform a full hysterectomy. 
I find it astounding at how quickly your life can change.
I could never imagine what a cancer patient goes through.  I could never feel the depth of their pain, emotionally or physically, or the uncertainty they feel about their future. 
What I can feel is compassion for what they endure.  I am continuously amazed by these individuals. I’m in awe of their will and drive not allow this disease to beat them.   They inspire me, fill me with hope and give me the confidence I need to remember that I can accomplish things I thought were never possible.
If I begin to doubt that my efforts in this cause make a difference,   I remind myself of all those afflicted with cancer, how they didn’t give up, lose hope and continue their battle each day.  I remind myself how they depend on my efforts to raise funds to provide research and support services for them, and I'm quickly reminded what I do does make a difference. 
Training 6 days a week can be mentally exhausting but it could never come close to the mental exhaustion cancer places in your mind.  Living with the wonder of – Will it return? Will the chemotherapy work?  Will the radiation wipe me out?  Will I see tomorrow?  There is no comparison because of what I can do; which is train hard, train daily, train to my fullest, but most importantly - train for a cure!  Because for those living with cancer, sometimes just brushing your teeth or washing your face is a chore.  Holding down food or trying to motivate yourself to shower seems like too much to handle. 
So, for those of you who have the capabilities to live life, do it!  And, those who live with cancer each day, who don’t give up and continue to live – THANK YOU!  For as long as you fight, I will be right there too, raising money so we can wipe out cancer!  And when you feel exhausted and want to give up, remember me, because I will still be here fighting for you.  I won’t stop. 
I don't only do this for my Honoree Ray and my late grandmother, I do this for all those afflicted with this disease. 
Although, my morning started off hearing about someone whose life has been changed with the diagnosis of having cancer, I also read some fantastic news.  My Honoree, Raymond Souza updated his friends and family with this post:
Sometimes you need to push past what your mind is trying to telling you and go with your heart and faith.  Last month I had an abnormal CT scan and I have been mentally preparing myself for the worst. This past Monday I had the more detailed PET scan and I am happy to say that I am still CANCER FREE! No sign of disease anywhere. What a great day!
If you could only see how big my smile is, you’d see how deeply it touched my heart ♥ Thank you for sharing your story of hope with us today!