Thursday, July 26, 2012


The time has come ~ 8 months of training is in the bag. 
In this time I’ve had several firsts……..

I’ve had a bike accident early on, resulting in a concussion which put me on the sideline for a little over a month. I’ve experienced and EPIC WEEKEND which included my longest swim of 2.1 miles followed by a 98+ mile ride with 10,000 feet of climbing.  I completed my Mental Toughness ride which was also my longest of 109 miles on the Vineman course and ran my longest run of 20 miles along the beautiful Monterey Coast.  I experienced my first open water ocean swim at Cowell’s beach in Santa Cruz where I had a Sea Lion encounter and I survived a Triple Brick (Ride 2 hours, Run 50 minutes X 3) in 100+ degree heat!

Other highlights of the season were 2 full days over two different weekends of Boot Camp with the North Bay IronTeam.  With that experience I conquered Metcalf Road in San Jose on the bike and ran up and down Lyon Street stairs in San Francisco several times.  I participated in my 2nd Hardest Longcourse Triathlon, “The Avia Wildflower Longcourse Triathlon” and completed that in 7:44!  

As for IronTeam practices, we did them come rain, shine, hail, wind, heat and any other element Mother Nature threw out at us.  In these 8 months workouts were anywhere from 2-8 hours a day, 6 times a week, depending on the day.

One of the GREATEST pleasures I’ve had during this time are the lifetime relationships I’ve made with the coaches, captains, mentors, team mates, volunteers and honoree’s.  And let’s not forget the money that I raised during this time.  I met my minimum of $5,800.00 and today I stand at $5,950.00 and I’m still waiting a company match to come through!


So here I am today, and I AM READY!   Ready to CONQUER the Vineman Course in Windsor, CA on Saturday, July 28th!  I am projecting a finish time of approximately 14-15 hours broken down below:

Swim – 1:30 – 1:45
T1 – 0:05 – 0:10
Bike – 7:00 – 7:30
T2 – 0:05 – 0:10
Run 5:30 – 6:00

Thank you to EVERYONE who have supported me in this journey. I feel blessed that I can be part of such an amazing cause, like Team in Training in efforts to help find a cure for cancer.  I thank my Honoree, Raymond Souza and his family for being such a great supporters at several of our team practices. Seeing your family out there and envisioning your STRENGTH has gotten me through some dark days in training.  I am forever grateful for that!

For those who can’t be with me this weekend, you can TRACK my progress on race day by using the TRACK ATHLETE link below:

You can search me by name or Bib #
-          Tyza Garcia
-          BIB #877

The journey has been long but worth each moment of pain, discomfort, sweat, blood, tears, self-doubt, and fear.  It can not compare to anything that those suffering from cancer endure.  

~ You are the real IRONMAN!~