Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What IronTeam Is and Is Not ~

Me & Harold on our 15 Miler!
When I think of Iron, I think of something that is unbreakable and strong. When I first heard of IronTeam this is the image I had of them; bad ass triathletes.  Thus, why I was extremely reluctant to join, PURE INTIMIDATION!

Over the last month and a half as training has become longer, more intense and we've had to battle with mother nature’s extreme weather conditions (rain, hail, heat) I've really began to see what IronTeam is all about.

I’ve discovered that each one of us carries a piece of that strong and unbreakable iron in our mind, body & spirit. . 
And although we are just as vulnerable to exhaustion, dehydration, injury, illness and fatigue as the next person we possess a passion deep within us to keep moving or help us motivate one another regardless of the conditions.

IronTeam is a group of individuals that make up a team, all with the same agenda.  We support each other, raise funds for an amazing cause and train to be an Ironman!   
This weekend I really learned what IronTeam IS, but more importantly, what IronTeam IS NOT.
·         IronTeam is not about beating your team mate; it is about encouraging them to keep going when you’ve hit that wall.

·         IronTeam is not seeing who can finish a 15 mile run in 85 degree heat first, it is about making sure you finish to the best of our ability that day and do so safely.

·         IronTeam is not there to break you down when you are struggling, but it is there to build you up and get you through the workout.

·         IronTeam is not about who is the fastest cyclist but it is made up of team mates who are willing to ride with you when you’re battling an enormous hill or just having difficulty with the distance.

·         IronTeam is not about who can swim a "300" the fastest but it is made of coaches/team mates/captains/mentors who will help you get to the other end of the pool.

·         IronTeam is not made up of "clicks" but it is a family welcoming each newbie just as they were with the team for years.

IronTeam is a team that is strong and unbreakable. The comradery is something I've never experienced with any  group. It is full of skilled coaches, supportive captains, encouraging mentors, selfless volunteers and unique team mates. They all are the most genuine individuals who have entered my life. Their support is unconditional and their willingness to stay by your side to ensure your safety is comforting.  Because of this, I'm absolutely positive not only I will meet my goal but that each of my team mates will too.  Whether it is a 1st time Ironman or a 13th time Ironman – We will be an IRONMAN!
IronTeam may be made up of individuals but that is what makes us a team.  Some say there is no "I" in team, but we all are all the “I” that makes up IronTeam!

Bring it in and count us down - Go Team IronTeam Woo!

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