Monday, March 26, 2012

Random Thoughts ~

Training with IronTeam has been a unique experience, especially the running aspect. 

When we train as a team we don't put  headphones on and "tune out" the rest of the world.  We actually sometimes run and chat with our team mates. For me, this is new beacuse when I run long distances in order to get me through it, I have always felt I "needed" music to keep me going.

Well, this last weekend, I did run with team mates some of the time, but most of the time I was alone, and for my two hour half marathon of running, with no headphones, I was only left with my random thoughts ~ Scary!

  1. Here we go, restroom where are you?
  2. Yay!  1 mile down, 12 to go!
  3. I'm so glad it's not raining.
  4. It's actually a pretty nice day.
  5. Thank GOD for no headwind.
  6. I wonder if I swallowed any bird poop.
  7. Wow...9:54 pace.
  8. Don't step in the puddles.
  9. Why are my pants wet?
  10. I wonder if that person knows what IronTeam is.
  11. I wonder if I'm going to get hot in this jacket.
  12. I'm feeling good.
  13. I got to catch up to Anna.
  14. She's walking; I should be able to catch up to her.
  15. Vertigo?  What was up with that?
  16. Dang, my water bottle is leaking on me!
  17. Dang, she's running.
  18. Keep your pace, keep your pace.
  19. A 10 minute mile pace is a good level 5.
  20. Hi Anna!
  21. 4 miles, 9 to go!
  22. Ooops, that was the water stop.
  23. 152 heart rate, not bad.
  24. Keep your pace.
  25. This is a good trail to just come and sit on a pretty day.
  26. Am I actually running a half marathon today?
  27. Boy it's getting warm.
  28. Look at all the snails on the trail.
  29. I don't think I'll catch up to whoever that is.
  30. Don't step in the puddles.
  31. They must put up all this wire to keep the pigeons out.
  32. @#$%! (stepped in a puddle)
  33. I wonder if my shoe will dry.
  34. Only a little bit more and then I'll take this jacket off.
  35. There's Beverly & Dennis!
  36. Old Man?  Who's that?
  37. No music?  Really?
  38. A half mile until the turn around.
  39. Oh, it was Harold in front of me.
  40. Jacket Off!!  Too bad I couldn't drop it off at the water stop.
  41. Eat your GU Tyza.
  42. Only 6.5 miles to go.
  43. Keep moving.
  44. Wow - Ron is a good runner!
  45. Jump over the snails.
  46. Shoulders back!
  47. Maybe I should run on the impacted sand.
  48. I'm glad I didn't wear my Asics.
  49. It's not nearly as cold as last weekend.
  50. I'm so glad the swim is over.
  51. Yesterday's ride was miserable.
  52. I like that Draw Something Game.
  53. 10 minute mile, not bad.  Keep the pace.
  54. I hope I don't have to go to the bathroom again.
  55. Keep your breathing steady.
  56. Check behind you before you spit.
  57. Runners stay to the right.
  58. Bicyclists call out before passing.
  59. Thank goodness it's a rest day tomorrow.
  60. Well, that guy doesn't know how to follow directions.
  61. I saw that guy going the other way. 
  62. 7 Miles down, 6 to go.
  63. Stop pinching your shoulders.
  64. I'm hungry.
  65. I wonder if everyone will go eat afterwards.
  66. Burritos sound so good.
  67. I can feel my face getting salty.
  68. I got to catch up to Farin.
  69. I can't believe I'm running this far!
  70. Okay, time to run on the dirt trail.
  71. Should I get off?  My shoes are getting filled with mud?
  72. Stay on the trail, stay on the trail.
  73. I don't think I’m sweating that bad?
  74. Wow, that girl was jamming!
  75. I should drive out here to sit one day and VEG!
  76. I love my Garmin.
  77. I wonder if I'm going to chafe.
  78. 8 Miles!  5 to go!
  79. I wish I had music.
  80. I wonder if other people can hear me breathing.
  81. Am I breathing hard?
  82. I can't believe I just licked that.
  83. Great I need to use the restroom.
  84. 9 miles, only 3.5 until my bathroom break.
  85. Great, my pace is slowing. 
  87. So much for a negative split.
  88. My stomach keeps growing.
  89. No FIBER!
  90. I drank all my electrolytes.
  91. Why do I keep burping?
  92. I know exactly what my next blog is going to be!
  93. Got to go potty!
  94. I think I know what shoes NOT to wear while running long distances.
  95. Poor snail.
  96. There really are things I do now that I said I would NEVER do.
  97. Do people really pee on the bike?
  98. Could I pee on the bike?
  99. The lagoon this morning was FREEZING!
  100. My feet hurt.
  101. What other songs do I need to download.
  102. It's so blue out here.
  103. Should I stop and try to wipe off my shoes?
  104. Ummmm.....Chocolate Milk.
  105. Look how low the tide is compared to last weekend.
  106. I'm so glad Anna swam with me.
  107. I wonder who will be finished when I get back.
  108. OMG, I have to go to the bathroom.
  109. I wish I was snuggling with Lola.
  110. My ankle hurts.
  111. I wonder how Matt's day is going.
  112. 11 miles, only 6 more times around the track until I can go potty!
  113. I can't wait to see Dr. Tio.
  114. I can't wait to eat my chips!
  115. I wonder how many calories I've burned.
  116. 99 bottles of beer on the wall.
  117. Yogurtland sounds yummy.
  118. Really?  Stop thinking about the bathroom! Grrrr!
  119. I have to buy more K-Swiss Tubes!
  120. I'm so glad I wore a hat.
  121. I need to clean house - BAD!
  122. I still have to register for WILDFLOWER.
  123. I need new glasses.
  124. Earplugs, sleeping bag, clean the house, grocery shopping.
  125. I need to make a playlist for Practice weekend.
  126. I think tonight will be an early bed night.
  127. When are taxes due?
  128. I wonder who I will share a tent with.
  129. Left or right?  Oh....there's someone running!
  130. Yes, the bridge!
  131. I must stink.
  132. Get to the bridge and you can go to EL BANO!!
  133. I need to make a list for practice weekend.
  134. I wonder how many people are finished now.
  135. Yes, 12 Miles!!
  136. Look at the steam coming from the bridge mat.
  137. I'm just cutting across the grass! 
  138. I hope I don't see the worms. 
  139. I can't wait to take a shower.
  141. Did I really just run 12 miles?
  142. Is that sweat?
  143. Okay, let me see if I can remember which way to go?!
  144. Is that Jerald?  He's flying! 
  145. Wow, he and Anna just passed me.
  146. Just follow them.
  147. I see the parking lot! 
  148. Don't walk, don't walk, and don’t stop!
  149. YES!!!!  Done! 
So there you go, when I'm running those are some of the ridiculous things that go through my mind - I wonder what I'll be think about when I get to my 20 mile runs?
Donella and I - I think we are happy the run is over.  I know I am!

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