Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby it's cold outside......When you turn 39!

Happy 39th Birthday Tyza!

It was my Birthday weekend and what a better way to spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings than with my IRONTEAM family! 

Getting on the bike first thing Saturday morning after the feast I had the night before celebrating my 39th birthday felt good.  When I think of my birthday this year, the only thought that crossed my mind is that I will have completed my 1st Iron Distance Triathlon before the age of 40! Woo Hoo!

However, I did forget how much it hurts to ride in cold weather (below 40 degree.)  I don’t think I could feel my fingers or toes for the first 10 of the 22 miles we rode.  But putting the cold factor aside the ride was near perfect.  The climbs and descends – FUN!  I love the climbs because I find them challenging and the downhills, well that is just an adrenaline rush!  I want to scream at the top of my lungs, “Weeeeeeeeeee!!!”   As I said, the ride was "near" perfect.  My chain came off during one of the descends, but it was comforting knowing that I was riding with my team.  Each person who passed me, which were only a few, asked if I was okay.  Then both Rich and Lindsay stopped a little way down the hill and waited to make sure I didn’t have any problems putting my chain back on. Rich even shouted, “Were here, making sure you are okay or if you need anything.”  These people are great!  The more time I spend with them, the more blessed and confident I feel in making the commitment in joining IronTeam.  After putting my oily chain back on, I sped down the hill catching up with Coach Karen whom I had been following most of my ride.  We ended up finishing together.
After the ride, we secured our bikes and began our 20 minute transition run. I didn't feel exhausted but still know that this part of my triathlon will be my toughest challenge.  I’ve always had difficulty getting off the bike and transitioning into the run, in every event I've done. As much as I don't look forward to this part of training, I look forward to the practice and the improvement I will have in this area.  After the run we had a short team talk and then were dismissed.

The next morning I was right back with this group, for a strength training clinic at FIT in Los Altos.  We had a 45 minute instruction by the owner Tom followed by 5 mini workouts with his trainers on how to do particular exercises and use certain equipment.  I had a great time with my group - Gladys, Jessie, Harold and Eugene.  My favorite moment during the workouts was when Gladys showed her “GIRL POWER” at the dead lift station.  She and Eugene were supposed to demonstrate a dead lift, and as the both began, Eugene demonstrated his well, but Gladys stole the show.  She began with a dead lift and finished it with a clean & press!  This girl ROCKS!

The rest of the workouts went great with not as much excitement, but the laughs didn’t finish there.  Immediately after our strength training session, we were to take a 30 minute run.  The run went pretty smooth as I had a nice chat with Keith as we ran closely behind, Maureen, Carrie and Camilo.  But somehow our 30 minute run turned into a 37 minute run, but as Carrie said later at our Christmas party, “It was good for you!”  So as we completed our run I decided to pit stop at my car to get my water.  I didn't think our extended run was that significant, but my surprise, as I turned the corner of the building to meet up with the group the entire team was huddled together, and I was the last one in.  At least I got a standing ovation.  But then about 15 seconds later, Harold comes running in from the other direction, and he too received the same greeting. I guess finishing last isn't so bad now is it?  We finished up with some team announcements and our “GO TEAM IRONTEAM WOOOO” cheer and that concluded practice.

My day was not done with this new IronTeam family of mine, as later that evening was our Christmas party and “WOW” what a group of fun people we have.  I don’t think I laughed so hard in quite some time as I did that evening.   There was a white elephant gift exchange, full of great gifts like panties, bike horns, head lamps, ironman mugs (which got a good licking from top to bottom in hopes that nobody would steal the gift – FAIL,) a bikini wax kit and the marketing item of the evening was the “THUNDER TUMBLER” a remote car that Joe kept trying to get rid of.  The coaches lost some pretty cool gifts so I hope we don’t pay the price during practice this week!  It was nice to finish week 2 of practice with some team bonding.  About 32 weeks to go, and I’m sure there will be plenty of stories to come.  All in all totals for the week:  1200 yards of swimming, 54 miles on the bike and 10.5 miles running!

I feel blessed during this time of the year to have the gift of the IRONTEAM!

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