Monday, November 28, 2011

Breakfast with an IRONMAN...or Woman!

We sat inside a crowded Bills’ Café yesterday morning, deciding what to indulge in.  I ordered an all meat omelette with potatoes, a pancake (a sweet treat) and coffee.  Nicole ordered a Mexican omelette with hashbrowns and orange juice.  I had asked her a week earlier if we could meet so I could borrow her bike trainer for my training.   

As we waited for our food to arrive, I enjoyed listening to her IronTeam experience. The more she shared, the more excited I would get. I feel like a little kid waiting to start my soccer season.  Soccer had been my passion for 25 plus years, but now I have a new one.  The passion of being a TRIATHLETE and finishing my first full Ironman!

I still recall when Nicole finished her IRONMAN in 2009. I also remember when she told our women’s indoor soccer she wouldn’t be able to play anymore because she would be training for an Ironman.  At that time, I had no idea what that was, and I find it ironic how I'm on the same journey she was a couple of years ago, and she has played a big part in my decision to join Team in Training.  Hearing first hand from a participant who lived through the 8 months of training, and by someone who didn’t sugar coat the experience and time commitment was very important to me.  I has happy she shared her "hi" and "low" points.  I wanted her to be completely honest as to what I should expect. Her story was very inspirational and motivational.  But  one thing that gives me a sense hope is when she shared her experience of not finishing the “Wildflower” half Ironman two month’s prior to her full Ironman.  It demonstrates the enormous support group that she had behind her. The team helped her brush herself off and keep going and not quit!  I find that amazing , encouraging and gives  me hope.

I know this experience will be life changing and I will have a ton of support from not only my family and friends, but also from my new TNT family.  I look forward to meeting everyone and establishing relationships with them all.

This morning I received my first e-mail with our first month's training schedule.  Some people may have looked at it and thought, what have I got myself into?, and I'm sure one day when training gets intense, I may think that same thing but for now, I can’t wait for Saturday to come around and attend the kick off event. Even more so, I can’t wait for our first team practice on Sunday which will start with a “Coached” swim and a 40 minute run.  Talk about getting your feet wet…..Literally! 

I’m also anxious to see the mental and physical changes that will occur in my training as well as how creative I can be with my fundraising .  My goal to raise $6,000 may seem excessive to some, but when I think of how that money goes to an organization like LLS in the fight against blood cancers, the effort I put into my fundraising and training is nothing compared to what the people who live with this horrible disease go through on a daily basis.  I only wish to be as courageous as they are everyday on my journey.

At the end of our breakfast, I opened up a “care package” that Nicole was sweet enough to get me.  The items included; Swimming fins, Gu, earplugs, socks, sun block, body glide, Pam (yes, the nonstick spray!), a book (Becoming and Ironman) and a swim pull buoy.  The necessity items to get me started!

                                                               Ironman Training Necessities!

I have to say humbly ~ I have pretty amazing friends and am so grateful to know that this experience will not be one that I venture on alone!  Many thanks Nicole!

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